Life Insurance

Life Can Be Unpredictable
Events can dramatically affect the financial security of our loved ones. It may seem unlikely, but if your heirs don’t have adequate resources, the consequences can be devastating. If you were suddenly gone tomorrow, would your current resources be adequate to provide for the expenses your survivors would face?

The following expenses may arise immediately:

  • Funeral and estate settlement
  • Mortgage/rent and other debts
  • Emergency expenses
  • Education/child-care costs

Besides needing immediate cash, your survivors will also face lifestyle changes that result in ongoing long-term expenses—generally about 80% of your current after-tax household income. Life insurance may be a simple and economical way to fund your survivors’ immediate and ongoing needs.

A Survivor Needs analysis can help you and your Trubee Collins Investment Advisor make smart decisions now—helping to give you the confidence of knowing that your family’s financial needs will be met.

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